Semipermanent Eyebrow/Eyeliner/Lip

Fab Hair and Nails

You customize your brows.Aestheticians ask for your desired thickness, color and arch. They’ll pencil-draw your brows first to make sure the shape and shade is spot-on. You can figure out the best brows for your face shape ahead of time, or have the aesthetician help you. Note: It’s important to have a neutral face when it’s drawn on, instead of making a facial expression! It has no pain. Browhaus describes the Brow Resurrection as “near painless,” and those who’ve had a semi-permanent brow service elsewhere agree. You’ll feel some pressure, “scratching,” or plucking (paradoxically, no tweezing occurs!) from the tiny pins. That’s thanks to the numbing cream you can have applied prior. It’s a safer bet than permanent. If the tattoo’s so great, why not get it done permanently? Well, tattoos may become discolored with time, say, from black to blue to green.Also, with semi-permanent, you’re not out of luck if your brow shape is totally “out.” “I have stylish brows that are in vogue at the moment,” Jean says.Aside from looking better according to the trends of the time, you can gain a sense of confidence from doing any beauty treatment you ordinarily wouldn’t spring for.“I do like the feeling of having done something kind for myself that made me feel better. It can stay 3-5years. looks so nature.